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Our History

We are a community of health care providers, community-service agencies, and people affected by HIV* who have been championing the reproductive rights of people living with HIV for over a decade.  This movement has been fuelled by the fertility desires and intentions of men and women living with HIV across Canada and is responsible for the development of Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines in 2012 and again in 2018.


We are committed to widely disseminating and supporting the uptake of the 2018 Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines, along with audience-specific companion tools. This work is done to achieve the goals of:

  • Optimizing access to and availability of holistic, non-judgmental, culturally competent, and scientifically sound pregnancy planning services and guidance for people affected by HIV across Canada.  

  • Decreasing stigma related to HIV and pregnancy planning in Canada and optimizing the support offered to people affected by HIV in achieving their pregnancy planning goals and realizing their reproductive health rights. 

  • Having impact at the community and clinical levels in such a way that people affected by achieve their reproductive rights across Canada.


*The term people affected by HIV is used throughout this site and is inclusive of people living with HIV, as well as those most deeply affected by HIV including serodiscordant couples (i.e., one partner living with HIV and one living without HIV), partners, and family members of people living with HIV.

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