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For OB/GYN & Fertility Specialists

Obstetricians and fertility specialists often provide pregnancy planning counselling to individuals and couples affected by HIV.  While historically a small group of expert Reproductive Infectious Diseases specialists and informed Reproductive Endocrinologists offered this care, there is a growing demand for accessible fertility and reproductive care for people affected by HIV in their home community.  As such, more and more clinicians in this field are seeking out resources to support evidence-based practice in the field of HIV and pregnancy planning. Included here are resources that have been developed to complement the 2018 Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines. These resources are intended to increase familiarity and offer practical tools to use in practice.

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The Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines

January 2018

The objective of the Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines is to provide clinical information and recommendations for health care providers to assist Canadians affected by HIV with their fertility, preconception, and pregnancy planning decisions. These guidelines are evidence- and community-based, flexible, and take into account diverse and intersecting local/population needs based on the social determinants of health.




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A Well-Deserved Update to the Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines

January 2018

This is a companion piece that was published by JOGC in tandem with the CHPPGs.  The objective of this commentary was to summarize the changes within the 2018 CHPPGs.

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