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For HIV Care Providers

  • The Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines team recognizes that across Canada, people living with HIV receive their HIV care from Infectious Diseases Specialists, Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses.  Within this community of providers there are varying levels of expertise in the field of reproductive health and HIV for a variety of factors. Included here are resources that have been developed to complement the 2018 Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines.  

  • The resources below are intended to increase familiarity while offering practical tools.  

The 2018 Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines


The objective of the Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines is to provide clinical information and recommendations for health care providers to assist Canadians affected by HIV with their fertility, preconception, and pregnancy planning decisions. These guidelines offer 36 recommendations that are evidence- and community-based, flexible, and take into account the diverse, intersecting needs at the local and population levels based on the social determinants of health.

HIV Pregnancy Planning Clinical Counselling Algorithm

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An easy counselling resource to guide your pregnancy planning discussions.

Counselling Presentation

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This helpful presentation has been developed by Dr. Mona Loutfy, with support from the CHPPG Team.  It is intended for use by HIV care providers to ensure comprehensive counselling related to parenting planning.

The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Patients are encouraged to always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any medical questions they might have.

Please note that this presentation was developed in 2019, and information may change over time. While we encourage other HIV care providers to use this presentation, we request advance notice and approval prior to any changes, dissemination, or publication.  This will allow us the opportunity to review and/or flag any potential changes.

Pregnancy Planning Counselling: Clinician's Resource


An easy counselling resource to guide your pregnancy planning discussions.

A clinical practice guide: What HIV care providers need to know about HIV pregnancy planning to optimize preconception care for their patients

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This Clinical Practice Guide has been developed to support both primary and speciality human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) care providers including doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners’ use of the 2018 Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines (CHPPG) in their work with people and couples affected by HIV. The 2018 CHPPG offer 36 recommendations that we have packaged into five Standards of Care for ease of use. We have also included an initial algorithm that can be used with each patient to direct discussions about their reproductive goals. 

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